Vin Diesel Announces Fast & Furious Live Tour

Vin Diesel Announces Fast & Furious Live Tour

According to Variety, Vin Diesel announced in a Facebook live video that his love for the franchise extends beyond the films and that he will be headlining the tour. Also, told us that recently I'm in NY, filming something which will be different than usual, and something one has never seen.Vin diesel also told their fans that the show will head from the United Kingdom. But we're guessing the Fast version will have even more bang for its buck.

The actor also told fans that the show will launch in the United Kingdom.

The star and executive producer of the series, who was wearing his character's mechanic shirt, said he was in the middle of shooting for the event that "will transport fans straight into some of the most memorable scenes and stunts from the films".

The show is expected to be a recreation of stunts from the films as well as new stuff for attendees. And he will. The first live show is scheduled for early next year.

"I think it's first going to be showed at the O2 Arena in London, but it's going to go all over the world and we're really excited about it", Diesel added. But it will be going around the world for the fans that will be very exciting for him and the world.

He said the event will provide "a way for [fans] to see the action first-hand" in a way that's never been done before. Chris Hughes and James Cooke-Priest, the minds behind the Top Gear live tour, are the organizers for the live show.