QUIZ: Could You Outsmart Littlefinger from 'Game of Thrones?'

QUIZ: Could You Outsmart Littlefinger from 'Game of Thrones?'

And he wanted folks to know that the White Walkers marching against humankind from the North are, in series world, the ball on which eyes must be kept. Withdrawn and distant, he's now concerned with the survival of humanity to the exclusion of everything else, including expressing joy when reuniting with his sisters or having much of a personality. Arya doesn't forgive. If she learns what Baelish did, it's over for him. Thanks to Game of Thrones' penchant for dark colors, I can barely make out any distinguishing features on that woman. Instead, it's nearly certainly just a tip of the hat to the character, as the individual in the background undoubtedly looks like her.

HBO, which had previously acknowledged the theft of "proprietary information", said it was continuing to investigate and was working with police and cyber security experts. But also because it shows Littlefinger that Bran/Three-Eyed Raven understands his games, presumably knows Baelish was basically responsible for Ned's death. He had only done a one-day TV commercial shoot before "GoT". So the fact we're here now is actually a bit of a relief.

Will the old Bran ever return?

. The boy who was stating to fall for Meera?

Sure, Bran may have made it out of Season 6's "The Door" alive, but it certainly looks like our little lord left a piece of himself behind. You'd think it would just short circuit.

Just pay very close attention to Bran. "He's really like a human supercomputer".

Since then, fans have been searching for clues as to what the family reunion could mean for their future. This one comes courtesy of an eagle-eyed Redditor who thinks Lady Stoneheart aka Catelyn Stark made a cameo in "The Spoils of War". For Arya, it was a quest for survival on her own, during which time she became a pretty deft swordswoman.

Game of Thrones has gone through many hated villains, but Joffrey Baratheon was one of the first. "That was my favorite scene to film this season".

Before you read any further beware, for there lay spoilers ahead. Robert has Bran show him his muscles, and Bran becomes a cripple. Bran's strength lies in his mind, "j$3 ust like Samwell Tarly".

Arya's acquisition of this illustrious weapon has major implications. "It was definitely hard to get it right", he said.

Danny burns the Lannister army to ashes, Drogon gets hit with a Scorpion bolt but he quickly recovers and Jamie tries to kill Danny but almost gets toasted by Drogon, luckily Bronn saves him just in time. He was sort of inspired by Dr. Manhattan in The Watchmen series - being in all these places at once, in all these time zones at once.

Before this season started, Wright and the show's creators talked about how Brandon would be played, now that he's mostly been taken over by the Three-Eyed Raven persona.

What did you find significant about Littlefinger giving Bran Catspaw?