New Zealander in the middle of Charlottesville terror attack

New Zealander in the middle of Charlottesville terror attack

The ramming attack on a crowd during clashes between rallying white supremacists and counter-protesters in the USA city of Charlottesville, Virginia, will reportedly be handled as a homicide, local NBC29 news outlet said, citing the city's commonwealth attorney.

Moments later, "We heard a vehicle going incredibly fast down the road and saw it plow into the crowd, and then it reversed back".

A New Zealander has been caught up in the middle of an anti-racism protest in U.S. that ended in tragedy. "I was thinking this was an act of terror".

A former New Zealand professional rugby player has helped USA police catch the driver who ploughed into a crowd killing a person and injuring at least 34 others as white nationalists clashed with counter protesters in Virginia. "Quickly take me to where this happened", Mr Mahony said.

"For people to walk around in military fatigues with semi-automatic weapons is very unsafe, so I wasn't unsurprised that there was an attack - I was just surprised that it wasn't someone starting to shoot as tensions grew".

Mr Mahony was among the counter demonstrators.

Mr Mahoney said President Donald Trump "was effective in providing [white nationalists] a villain to direct their anger at" - those who aren't white.

A man who has spent time in war zones, Mr Mahony said to find this sort of discontent in a country with an advanced economy was "intimidating".