Navy F-18 Super Hornet Crashes In Bahrain

Navy F-18 Super Hornet Crashes In Bahrain

A US F-18 fighter jet crash landed at Bahrain global airport on Saturday after suffering an engine problem.

It wasn't immediately clear which branch of the U.S. military the aircraft belonged to, though Bahrain is home to the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet.

Images on social media showed the grey fighter jet's nose tipped into the air but largely intact after what the Navy described as an "uncontrollable" landing.

Urban says the F-18 took off from the USS Nimitz, an aircraft carrier now in the Persian Gulf. Bill Urban said in a statement. He said the plane suffered an engine malfunction, forcing the pilot to divert.

Upon realizing the engine malfunction, the pilot attempted to land the F-18 at the Shaikh Isa Air Base in Bahrain, but was forced to make a hard landing at the commercial airport instead.

The pilot ejected - and was unharmed - as the aircraft continued the runway excursion.

Cmdr Urban said naval officials had begun an investigation into the crash and were trying to help the airport resume operations.

A total of 8,000 US troops are stationed in Bahrain, the majority of which are sailors.