Latin America rejects USA military threat in Venezuela

Latin America rejects USA military threat in Venezuela

The Trump administration slapped sanctions on Venezuela after a vote last month allowed President Maduro to replace opposition-dominated National Assembly with a new 545-member Constituent Assembly filled with his supporters.

"We are all over the world and we have troops all over the world in places that are very, very far away", Trump said.

Following Mr Trump's assertion that military intervention in Venezuela was an option, Mr Maduro's critics are caught between backing the idea of a foreign invasion of Venezuela and supporting a president they call a dictator.

Caracas has since responded to the threat and is preparing defense measures.

"Mercosur considers that the only acceptable instruments for the promotion of democracy are dialouge and diplomacy", the statement said.

Pence is set to meet with Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos on Sunday at the start of a weeklong trip to Latin America that is likely to be dominated by conversations about the deepening crisis in Venezuela, where the US accuses President Nicolas Maduro of a power grab that has sparked deadly protests and condemnation across the region.

"The repudiation of violence and any option involving the use of force is unavoidable and constitutes the fundamental basis of democratic coexistence, both internally and in worldwide relations".

Writing on Twitter, Morales stated that "we condemn the armed interventionist eagerness by the United States against Venezuela, a country which seeks peace in dialogue".

The sudden escalation of Washington's response to Venezuela's crisis preceded United States vice-president Mike Pence's trip to the region that began yesterday.

"When you look at contingencies, when you look at what if - what if the suffering of the Venezuelan people increases by orders of magnitude - what more can we do with our partners in the region to protect the Venezuelan people and prevent an even greater humanitarian catastrophe?"

Meantime, Pence has scheduled other stops in Argentina, Chile and Panama, giving speeches and meeting with leaders.

Nicolas Maduro Guerra said Trump should solve his own problems and promised that - should the U.S. attack Venezuela - the Vietnam War "would seem small in comparison". There are evil presidents, and also people of solidarity.

The White House has condemned President Nicolás Maduro's regime for human rights abuses.