Greens recycle slogan for election

Greens recycle slogan for election

After a hard week, The Green Party has this afternoon announced a shake-up of what it looks and sounds like, but not what it believes in.

Love New Zealand, he said, goes to the heart of what the Greens stand for.

Former co-leader Metiria Turei resigned on Wednesday, saying scrutiny of her family over her past welfare history had become unbearable.

This message of commitment was delivered today in Auckland by Co-leader James Shaw in his "Turning the Tide" speech at a relaunch of the next phase of the Green Party's 2017 election campaign which included a preview and release of the Party's opening TV commercial.

Gone are the billboards that had both Shaw and Turei smiling from them.

Shaw also apologised to voters who may have felt "let down" by the party's in-house turmoil of the past few weeks. They will now be fronted by Shaw and the slogan, which he admitted harked back to the one they used for the 2014 campaign.

He says their slogan was "Great Together" but he says over the last couple of weeks they have not been all that together and it has not been all that great.

"I didn't come to Parliament to act like other political parties, but over the past week that's where we've ended up", he said.

"I came to Parliament to get New Zealand moving on climate change, to restore our precious natural world and to end poverty and to change the way that we do politics".

Mr Shaw, the party's current sole leader, said the party will focus its policies on poverty, climate change and clean water.

New candidates Chloe Swarbrick and Golriz Ghahraman have moved up into seventh and eighth on the list, nearly guaranteeing them a seat in Parliament post-September.