WhatsApp will soon launch In App YouTube playback for videos

WhatsApp will soon launch In App YouTube playback for videos

As of now if one wants to watch a video through WhatsApp, it automatically opens YouTube app, so users can view YouTube video. WhatsApp is now fixing your problem by integrating in-app playback support for YouTube videos.

WhatsApp may soon allow you to run YouTube videos within the chat app, reports the fans site WaBetaInfo. The users will now be able to view the video in the particular chat window where he or she has received the link.

You can also momentarily hide the Picture in Picture mode without stopping the video to read better your messages, sliding it right as you can see in this video that shows how it works.

This option is now been worked on internally and we assume that the feature will be released to users with larger screens. WhatsApp to Introduce In App YouTube Playback for Videos Soon. This feature was announced only last week for Android and now is available to iPhone users. This feature is not available ti the public as it is now in testing phase.

WhatsApp team off late has been rolling out new features to all its major platforms and testing them on its Beta Versions before releasing them to the public version of the application.

The feature has been in high demand from users as it was an annoying thing to use when watching YouTube videos meant going to a different portal.

The WhatsApp version 2.17.40 also receives Albums which allows user to select multiple photos at once.

The Facebook-owned chat app further brings several new updates for iOS users.