Two German tourists killed in knife attack in Egypt, confirms Berlin

Two German tourists killed in knife attack in Egypt, confirms Berlin

A man in his 20s stabbed six women, two of them fatally, in attacks at two hotels in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Hurghada, Egyptian officials and witnesses said Friday. He was arrested after he wounded another four foreign tourists at a next-door hotel. Other victims were taken to hospital.

Security and medical sources had earlier reported the two women killed were Ukrainians, but Major Gen. Mohamed El-Hamzawi, security manager of Red Sea province, told Reuters they had been identified as Germans.

Abu Qura communicated with ISIS in Iraq and Syria via the internet, and he was given the task to carry out the attack against foreign tourists in Hurghada.

The German Foreign Ministry confirmed Saturday it now has the "sad certainty" that two German female tourists died in Friday's attack.

On Saturday, tight security was in place at the site of the Hurghada attack.

The Egyptian foreign ministry said the man's motive for the attack is not clear, but they are questioning him in custody.

He then bought a ticket for 100 Egyptian pounds ($5.60) to enter a beach where he killed the two German tourists and injured two others before jumping over a wall, swimming to the neighbouring beach and carrying out more stabbings.

"We don't know his motives yet, he could be insane or perturbed - it's too early to tell", a senior interior ministry official told AFP.

The last time tourists were attacked in Hurghada was in January 2016, when two Austrians and a Swede were stabbed by two suspected militants, also at a hotel. But the attacks have spilled to urban areas including capital Cairo.

"There have been terrorist attacks in other countries, such as France and Belgium, but there was no speculation that these attacks would constitute a threat to tourism in these countries, as some people are trying to suggest in the case of Egypt", the statement concluded.