Trump Administration Cuts $214 Million From Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

Trump Administration Cuts $214 Million From Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

The reality is that, in America, while teenage pregnancy rates are at record lows, one in four women will still get pregnant by the age of 20, with a disproportionate number of those women coming from poor and minority communities.

The Trump administration is slashing millions from teen pregnancy prevention program and research funding in a move that will see 81 institutions spread across the country lose out on two years' worth of funding, according to an exclusive report from the Reveal Center for Investigative Reporting.

The grants were awarded in 2015 and were supposed to go through 2020, but will now cease in June 2018.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' decision will end Obama-era grants that researched scientifically sound ways to prevent teen pregnancy. By 2014, the birth rate for teenagers between 15 and 17 was down 72% since 1991.

Other groups being impacted by the unexpected grant cut include clinics for STI testing, programs to increase teens' and parents' access to sex-education resources, as well as outreach and research initiatives. "Still, the US teen pregnancy rate is substantially higher than in other western industrialized nations", the CDC notes on its website, meaning there's still more room for improvement. "The researchers will not have the funds to analyze data they have spent the past two years collecting or incorporate their findings into assistance for teens and their families".

But many argue abstinence-only programs aren't effective and worry the Trump administration's effort to cut off funding for teen pregnancy prevention programs, combined with Republicans' efforts to slash Medicaid and defund Planned Parenthood, will result in the country'steen pregnancy rate rising rather than falling.

While serving as a Congressman in Georgia, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was a supporter of abstinence-only sex education, and said he was against any sex ed that "promotes promiscuity among young people".

Trump, though, wants to fund abstinence-only programs - to the tune of $277 million - despite the fact that teen pregnancy rates are highest in states that teach abstinence-only, and the USA has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world.