Smart move: Emmanuel Macron's entente cordiale with Donald Trump

Smart move: Emmanuel Macron's entente cordiale with Donald Trump

The French president said that he managed to establish friendly relations with the U.S. counterpart as it is crucial for the successful development of bilateral ties.

The camera then pans to Macron, who is all smiles and seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself. Since then serious disagreements over climate and trade - along with some social media trolling by Mr Macron - had seemed to signal that this would be a turbulent relationship.

US President Donald Trump suggested Thursday he could change his position on the Paris climate accord, in remarks after talks with his French counterpart Emanuel Macron. The more sober "Le Monde" noted that the French president "wants to bring his guest out of his global isolation" but it went on to describe the invitation as a "diplomatic gamble".

At a news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, Mr. Trump defended Donald Trump a wonderful young man who did nothing wrong.

When Trump and Macron appeared at a press conference together in the Élysée Palace following a two-hour private discussion of worldwide crises like Syria, Iraq, and counter-terrorist measures their two nations should take, Trump was faced with a barrage of questions from the press about the new information about Trump's possible Russian connection.

The two men hugged at the end of the speech.

"Nothing will ever separate us", the 39-year-old Macron said from the reviewing stand, adding that Trump s presence by his side was "the sign of a friendship across the ages" between their countries. And some diplomats warned Macron against giving away too much to try to get Trump back in.

He kissed Brigitte Macron on the cheek as her husband continued gripping Trump's hand.

It also doesn't help that Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement on climate change. There's a diplomatic aspect, but there's also an economic aspect that Macron never forgets.

Macron and Trump met as commanders-in-chief, heads of nations with military might and with what Macron called "convergence" on issues like counter-terrorism and tackling the threat from Islamic State.

President Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump marked France s national day together on Friday at a military parade which clearly delighted the USA leader and showcased warming relations between the two men. There is a lot of sexism in French politics, but this incident does not seem like a very big one'. Yet, the American President somehow managed to use the meeting as an opportunity to demean the French first lady rather than engaging in any meaningful, thoughtful dialogue.

The support from Le Pen voters surprised the pollsters after she was only recently defeated in a bitter second round campaign by Macron in May. And he announced plans to withdraw the USA from the Paris climate accord.

"Yeah, I mean, something could happen with respect to the Paris accord".

What comes out of this curious relationship in the longer term is another question.