Shaq calls out LaVar Ball while lip-syncing Carrie Underwood

Shaq calls out LaVar Ball while lip-syncing Carrie Underwood

LaVar Ball may have had an argument when it came to matching up with Michael Jordan one-on-one (OK, he really doesn't, but play along).

The Instagram post reads: "If lavar beats me I'll superglue this wig to my head forever".

The news made it back to LaVar. and of course he didn't back down, offering to end the speculation with a 2-on-2 game, Shaq and Shareef, vs. LaVar and LaMelo.

Ball was recently asked about the competitive rivalry between his son LaMelo and Shaquille O'Neal's son Shareef.

LaVar Ball's mouth might've finally written a check his ass can't cash, because Shaq has accepted the Big Ballers' challenge, and he's putting his dome on the line for victory.

LaVar Ball, former National Basketball Association pro and the father of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, renewed yet another beef over the weekend. While O'Neal was on board with the Lakers drafting Lonzo, he was critical of LaVar charging $495 for his older son's signature sneaker.

Or, he's basically saying, "You can't afford to have my son".

Even if Shaq and LaVar don't meet on the court, here's to hoping the Diesel continues to wear that wig.