Runaway boat circles uncontrollably, hits docks and patrol boat in IN lake

Runaway boat circles uncontrollably, hits docks and patrol boat in IN lake

Several people were thrown from a motorboat into Lake Gage on Saturday night, injuring some seriously, and an IN conservation officer used a rope, a patrol boat and a personal watercraft to stop the unmanned boat, which was circling the lake at about 30 miles per hour, conservation officers said today.

Emergency medical, fire and law enforcement officials responded to the call along with Parkview Health's Samaritan air ambulance helicopter, the report said.

Ten people were hurt over the weekend after they were thrown from a boat after being hit by another that was out-of-control, while on Indiana's Lake Gage on Saturday night.

Dominique Effinger, 20 of Fort Wayne, was driving the boat when it took a "violent turn" and threw all 10 people on board off of it and into Lake Gage in Indiana, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources said in a press release. One person was believed to have a skull fracture and another a partial amputation of their lower arm. "Alcohol was found to be a factor in the accident", it added.

The incident remains under investigation by conservation officers.

Others with less serious injuries were transported to Cameron Memorial Hospital in Angola. He took control of the unmanned boat and bring it to a stop, preventing any further injuries and damage.

The Ski Nautique motor boat was travelling at approximately 30mph when the incident happened. Steuben County Sheriff's Department officers also alerted people on shore to move their docked boats and to clear the area because the unmanned boat kept moving closer to docks and other boats as it circled around and around by the shoreline, conservation officers reported.

The boat continued pushing forward around 30 m.p.h. even after it was unmanned.

Carlile threw a rope from the patrol boat to entangle the motorboat's propeller, the statement said. It eventually struck a dock, then spun back to hit Carlilse's patrol boat. Carlile was able to use a nearby personal watercraft and jump onto the runaway boat while both boats were still in motion. It spun out of control, crashed into a dock, and then ran into the boat of Conservation Officer Jake Carlisle.