Man assaulted after hit-and-run in Dublin

Man assaulted after hit-and-run in Dublin

"Today has demonstrated the professionalism and the capability that we have", Garda Commissioner Nóirín O'Sullivan told reporters after the training exercise was finished.

Investigating officers have also been trying to ascertain a motive for the attack.

The exercise involved attackers targeting people at the Docklands railway station before taking hostages on a train.

The Republic's justice minister Charlie Flanagan said he hoped the exercise would give the public reassurance. "In the last few days we have given instructions to all of our members and I think we wanted to see how those instructions would work", she said.

"Today's security exercise is part of the ongoing work by these State agencies to practice, develop and assess our capacity to prevent or respond to incidents".

The exercise began with a simulated report of a auto crash at Spencer Dock to which local units were dispatched. The two men, one armed with a large blade and the other with a gun, then assaulted the woman and two others further along the path before moving inside the station.

The exercise then moved inside the station.

The current terror threat level in Ireland is described as moderate.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced that the first meeting of the new Government Security Committee will take place next week.

"Protecting our citizens is of paramount importance to the Government". We do this through our law enforcement and intelligence agencies, through worldwide co-operation, through our foreign policy and peacekeeping work, and also through important domestic measures such as promoting integration, education, tolerance and respect here at home.

The Government Security Committee is created to ensure more cooperation between ministers and across departments to prepare for and manage security threats.

The units took part in three different scenarios, which you can check out in the footage at the top of the page.