Gov. Rauner to make changes to education funding bill

Gov. Rauner to make changes to education funding bill

Gov. Rauner also says he intends to remove what he calls a "bailout of Chicago's broken teacher pension system", and instead provide those funds to school districts throughout the state.

Rauner objects to specific state-funding allowances for Chicago schools on top of a new requirement that the state pick up the employer's portion of teacher pensions costs for them - the way it does for every other IL district.

Governor Rauner's office also provided a chart in the release that shows the changes in funding he wishes to make as part of the amendatory veto.

The bill, which passed the General Assembly in May, has not yet been sent to the governor.

In a news release, Gov. Rauner says he intends to issue an amendatory veto once the bill reaches his desk, making changes that he says will result in higher state funding for almost all school districts in IL. It would ensure that none of the state's 850 school districts receives less than aid that the previous year, and would provide money to districts based on local property wealth and distinct student-population needs.

SB1 was approved 60-52 in the House and 35-22 in the Senate, both below the three-fifths majorities necessary to override any veto. Donne Trotter, D-Chicago, used a procedural move to hold the bill without sending it to the governor.

Rauner will be in Rockford to discuss funding reform later on today.