"Game of Thrones" cast reign on the red carpet #GOT

In the photos from the first episode - called Dragonstone - it looks like the Stark family will finally be reunited after almost six seasons apart.

Season seven of the award-winning show is set to return this Sunday, 16 July 2017. "At this point, there are probably a dozen characters who are dead on the show but alive in the books, so it would be impossible for the two to remain the same". There's an equal amount of mystery surrounding the rest of the season - no, really, the cast and crew are an impenetrable fortress of secrets - so the best guess here is that if Jon is truly a main and important character, he'll at least make it a majority of the way through Season 7.

Will she come for Cersei, the Mountain or others next? Backed by the Dothraki, the Ironborn, the mercenaries of the Second Sons, the fleets of Dorne, the Unsullied, Cersei's brother Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), and three friggin' dragons, no woman in the Seven Kingdoms wields more power than Dany. She infuriates him, she speaks up at times when it's more helpful for him for her to not speak up.

It's not just the battles that are getting bigger as "Game of Thrones" comes to an end. Think of it like "SportsCenter" but for "Game of Thrones".

After climbing rocks, fording rivers, and let's not forget all the running through the woods, you're going to need more than a hot soak in some Epsom salts. In Jamie's case, this would be Cersei. Trivia starts at 2 p.m. and wraps up at 6 p.m., when will the bar will play some sports game on TV that is not Game of Thrones and therefore will not be mentioned in this article. Jamie earned the nickname of Kingslayer years earlier as the result of him murdering King Aerys, also known as The Mad King. Bran, a while back, had to surrender being a normal person, and it became clear that he was still in a much wider, much, much more powerful game than just vying for the throne and endless cycling between various houses.

Now, consider Cersei in Season 6.

Ryan, along with his colleague Andy Greenwald, hosts "Talk the Thrones", a talk show on Twitter where the hosts and their guests recap the latest episode right after it airs (HBO is an investor in The Ringer). She orders the burning of hundreds of people including the High Sparrow, Queen Margaery, Mace and Loras Tyrell, and Lancel and Kevan Lannister.

Indira Varma, who plays Ellaria Sand, kept her prediction short: "More blood".

Aware of his lineage, Melisandre brought Gendry back to Dragonstone, seduced him so she could claim some of his blood and then threw him in a cell.nHe was eventually set free by Davos and has been rowing for so long ever since that he's become the subject of some very popular and very amusing internet memes. This would make him the Queenslayer. Bran continues his training under the Three-Eyed Raven, learning that the Children of the Forest created White Walkers and that he has the ability to control the future by changing the past.

Producers have given little away as to what season 7 has in store but the trailer hints at the chilling return of the White Walkers with Cersei, Daenerys and Jon Snow making their way to their respective thrones.