Essential Phone coming to United Kingdom, followed by Western Europe and Japan

Essential Phone coming to United Kingdom, followed by Western Europe and Japan

According to The Financial Times, Andy Rubin's company has already held talks with United Kingdom operators for the Essential Phone launch.

All who are in any way associated with Essential Phone, including mobile operators, has announced its readiness to put this smartphone bundled with subscription contracts, keep the deathly silence, and no one except Andy Rubin, does not know what happens with Essential Phone really.

According to a report by the Financial Times, Essential is already working to get the much-awaited phone in Europe and Japan. United Kingdom carriers such as EE are reportedly in talks with the company to set a launch date for the device, which is seen to be this year.

Essential's chief operating officer Niccolo de Masi told the publication that a USA release for the anticipated device is "imminent", while once again confirming that the Android-powered smartphone will be sold with no pre-loaded applications with "trend setters and technology seekers" meant to be the company's target market.

Now the only confirmed peripheral is a 360-degree camera which attaches to the phone via a magnetic pin connector it calls "Click", which cleverly transmits data to attachments over a wireless connection. Speaking with The Financial Times, Niccolo de Masi seems confident that the Essential Phone will be enough to shift the way the smartphone market is structured now, implying that the device will accelerate the pace of innovation, which is often manipulated and slowed down by companies like Samsung and Apple in an effort to "boost quarterly profits".

Niccolo de Masi says the U.S. launch is "imminent".

Andy Rubin, the author of the Android OS, has recently created a startup Essential, which a few weeks ago introduced the Essential mobile Phone. Essential COO Niccolo de Masi sat down with FT for a brief chat and revealed that bit about launch and also threw in some worldwide plans.