Sekulow Hits Cable News Circuit Hard For Trump

Sekulow Hits Cable News Circuit Hard For Trump

We have not received, nor are we aware of any investigation of the president of the united States.

Amid reports that people are rushing the stage to protest a Trump lookalike being brutally stabbed and assassinated in the play, Kilmeade says the show must go on.

Trump's lawyer, Jay Sekulow invoked Trump's Article 1 powers under the Constitution to justify the President's firing of James Comey, which suggests that Trump believes that he could use the same path to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

"Will he say I'm no longer talking about the Russian Federation investigation?"

On NBC News' "Meet the Press", Sekulow claimed Trump was not under investigation for obstruction of justice, despite a Washington Post report to the contrary and a tweet from the President that appeared to confirm the report.

The Fox News host didn't let up, again telling Sekulow that he doesn't know whether Trump is under investigation or not. "You just said, sir, you just said that he's being investigated".

"No, he's not being investigated", Sekulow interjected.

"There is a serious constitutional issue here", he explained. "So he's being investigated for taking the action the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency that recommended the determination". "And now he's being investigated by the Department of Justice", Sekulow told Wallace. "Which I don't read minds". "I don't think you should be rushing the stage, period, whether you agree or not".

While you were out doing something better than watching the soul-sucking Sunday shows (and quite literally, anything is better), Donald Trump's lawyer was making the rounds-seemingly ensuring that we all get the impression that the competence of Donald Trump's legal defense matches that of Donald Trump.