Lucy Hale Body-Shamed Herself on Instagram

Lucy Hale Body-Shamed Herself on Instagram

Lucy Hale posted a sweet throwback picture of her with her father, but when she commented on the photo a little later, things took an upsetting turn.

"Fat? That's what you take away from this handsome photo of you and your dad?"

@lucyhale WHY would you call yourself fat? You may be thinner now but were never "fat". "I love you daddy", yet it's what she said in the comments section that really irked her fans. "You taught me to have soul". The real criticism is that Lucy's comment implies being fat is a negative. For one thing, while there is nothing wrong with the word "fat" itself, as it's merely a descriptor, applying the word to a thin body can warp people's perceptions of bodies.

While Hale, of course, is entitled to her insecurities, there is still something to say about the platform she has and the effect a comment like "I was so fat" can have on her often young and impressionable audience. Instead of focusing on size, we should always be focusing on being healthy and making sure we feel strong and happy with ourselves. That implies that fat people are not handsome, and there's a difference between being fat and being pretty.

To prove the point that bullies are not messengers of truth, others have jumped in the thread to shame Lucy in a different way, by calling her too skinny. "We know you were sick and it's hard", said one commenter, most likely referencing the eating disorder.

Instagram users continued to find a way to vent their frustration, though, adding their comments to the next photo Lucy had posted on the site just a few hours later on Sunday.