Lorde explains how Frank Ocean influenced her new album

Lorde explains how Frank Ocean influenced her new album

Lorde's second album Melodrama is on its way to topping the Billboard 200 global charts. Last week, Lorde also ended a four-year musical drought to deliver Melodrama, her own sophomore effort.

Lorde has talked about Frank Ocean's influence on her new album.

"In this sort of post-Blonde landscape, we can all sort of do whatever we want in terms of instrumentation", the 20-year-old New Zealand native said.

When speaking about "The Louvre", Lorde pointed to Ocean as an inspiration for the song's arrangement.

Describing how the track is about "new love", Lorde said: "It's just like this big dumb joy and it's intense - and I feel like the instrumentation in that song kind of helped it get there". "It's exciting. I can use guitars and I can get a big gnarly Flume beat and throw it under water". "We could've just made it a big, easy single because the bonds are there". "But it won't mean as much to simplify the journey, or to force a big chorus". It's fantastic, but it's like drugs.

"Melodrama" only dropped a few days ago, but Lorde is already thinking about her next album.

"I think I know what the next record is going to sound like, but of course I have no idea".