Kicking off Tech Week, Jared Kushner rallies tech leaders against floppy disks

Kicking off Tech Week, Jared Kushner rallies tech leaders against floppy disks

During their stay, Mr. Kushner and Mr. Greenblatt will separately travel to Jerusalem and Ramallah to meet with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders about taking the next steps in a unified peace deal for the region.

One senior White House official said that the Trump Administration thinks of itself as having 320 million customers-the American people-and this day was focused on finding ways for the private sector to make citizens' interactions with government "five, 10, and in some cases, 50 or 100 percent better".

They will reportedly discuss the next necessary steps in the peace process. He also called for an immediate cessation of the Palestinian Authority's payments to terrorists and their families, which, he said, is "something that only encourages terror". His tweeting "is an asset in that context" and regional leaders' concern over a possible reprisal for perceived obstinacy "gives him additional leverage", said Shapiro, who now serves as a distinguished visiting fellow at Tel Aviv's Institute for National Security Studies.

Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka Trump and senior advisor to President Trump, is usually seen rather than heard.

"Before I came to Washington, many warned me that the bureaucracy would resist any change that we tried to implement", he said.

The White House communications blitz on his agenda certainly helps reinforce that these issues take time, weeks and months and years, in some cases, to work through. Jared Kushner looks like a guy who is way out of his league.

No major breakthroughs were expected this week, the official added, stressing, however that "the president has asked some of his most trusted advisers to spearhead the peace effort".

What is troubling is that this guy is who Trump thinks can lead technology policy, reorganize the federal government, and bring peace to the Middle East.