Green to LeBron: You started the super team, bro

Green to LeBron: You started the super team, bro

Draymond Green and LeBron James may be done competing on the court until next season, but their battle of trolling and social media supremacy is only beginning. But once the postseason is over, all bets are off.

Green's penchant for always needing the last word led him to take a shot of LeBron's new shaved head look.

They also had good things to say about Finals MVP Kevin Durant, and eventually had respect for Green for 'doing his job'.

James spent his first seven seasons in the National Basketball Association and led the Cavs to five straight playoff appearances that included a trip to the Finals in 2007. James, Jefferson and Frye were complimentary of the Warriors, especially Durant (James called him a "rare talent that our league hasn't seen").

When asked in an interview about the shirt, Green admitted it was for the Cavs and revealed that he a more outrageous shirt to wear which was not finished in time.

And James found Green's t-shirt choice as a ideal window for a clever retort.

Green and James engaged in some playful trash talk on Instagram Thursday when James saw a picture of Green in the t-shirt at the parade. "I love that", he added, taking satisfaction that Green still had James on his mind even after winning the National Basketball Association title.

"But I just feel like that it's great that on the day you're celebrating your championship, my likeness and my name is in your head", James added.

Heading into the weekend, Wade said he previously spoke to King James about losing his hair.

Green, who admitted he's "petty", said he had an even crazier idea for a T-shirt design, but waited too long to have it made. I love it more than anything else. It didn't bother me, but let's just be clear. I was like, I wish he would have put me in. "This f--ing sucks". The events, the celebration of championships they had yet to win.

"I won't throw a Halloween party", Green said. Here is the segment from the Road Trippin' podcast. "We got them out of here quick with the trophy", he added, referring to the 4-1 beat down in the seven-game series.