Boston Celtics Make Trade Of No.1 Pick Official, Ainge Excited

Boston Celtics Make Trade Of No.1 Pick Official, Ainge Excited

Washington point guard Markelle Fultz has always been widely regarded as the best draft prospect, who Philadelphia is now expected to pick, but Ainge indicated Monday that his team's evaluation was not so clear-cut. Otherwise, the Celtics will have a choice between the better 2019 first-round pick between Sacramento or Philadelphia. However, if either of those 2019 picks result in the first overall selection, Boston will instead receive the other first round pick.

The 6-foot-8, 205-pound forward most likely will be available to the Celtics at No. 3, their new National Basketball Association draft position after the trade with the Philadelphia 76ers was finalized. They also, of course, will be trading their No. 3 overall pick in this year's National Basketball Association draft as well.

Terms of the deal were agreed upon Saturday night after Fultz conducted a workout for the 76ers.

For years, Boston Celtics fans have been begging general manager Danny Ainge to reach into his precious treasure chest of valuable draft picks and package them for a star. "This pick provides us a tremendous opportunity to add another foundational player to our promising core". Ainge also downplayed the suggestion that Boston might have aided what might be its primary Eastern Conference competition down the road and said Boston's front office was unanimous on the decision to move down. The trade only makes sense if they sense Boston would select Jackson at No. 3 overall.

"I think January gave everyone a taste of what success feels like", Colangelo said.

We'll see if Ainge ends up using the third overall pick come Thursday night, with Kansas forward Josh Jackson and Duke forward Jayson Tatum the likely draft targets at No. 3, or if he finds additional deals that he likes to help the Celtics in the present. The 76ers will receive the pick in exchange for the No. 3 overall pick, and either a 2018 first round pick that will be the Lakers pick if it falls between No. 2 and No. 5, or a 2019 first round pick held by either the Kings or the 76ers per reports from ESPN. He averaged 23.2 points, 5.9 assists, 5.7 rebounds and hit 41.3 percent of his 3-pointers during his lone collegiate season. The deal is highly consequential and leaves Philly with the rights to make the first selection for the second year in a row. Fultz led the Pac-12 in scoring and finished No. 6 among all Division I players, and was the top freshman scorer in the country. "But to have two quality (first-round picks) in '18 and two quality firsts in '19, there are only so many picks that can be made with the roster spots that you have".