Uber to appeal arbitration ruling in self driving vehicle lawsuit

Uber to appeal arbitration ruling in self driving vehicle lawsuit

Last week, U.S. District Judge William Alsup of San Francisco ordered that the case proceed to trial, and issued an injunction banning Uber engineer Anthony Levandowski from any work involving LiDAR technology.

Waymo accuses Anthony Levandowski, a former member of Google's self-driving vehicle unit team, of passing information on advanced technologies critical for Waymo self-driving cars to Uber.

Uber and Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving auto unit, declined to comment.

Levandowski left Waymo in January 2016 and started Otto, a self-driving truck startup that Uber bought for $680 million in August.

Alsup also ruled that Uber must by next month complete an investigation into the downloaded Waymo documents and provide Waymo with a comprehensive log of written and spoken communication between Uber and Levandowski regarding Lidar.

Earlier on Thursday Uber said it would appeal a judge's order rejecting its attempt to arbitrate Waymo's trade secret claims, according to a court filing.

A spokesman for Waymo criticized Uber's decision to appeal the order on arbitration.

Mr. Levandowski, a former Alphabet engineer who joined Uber a year ago to run its driverless-car program, has repeatedly invoked his Fifth Amendment rights in the case, declining to comment and refusing to turn over documents. "Uber's appeal is a blatant attempt to hide their misconduct from the public". Uber did not immediately respond for comment.