Trump denies telling Comey to back off Flynn investigation

Trump denies telling Comey to back off Flynn investigation

"I just got a message from the president to stay strong", Flynn said after the meal was over, according to two sources who are close to Flynn and are familiar with the conversation, which took place on April 25.

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He added, "When I made that decision, I actually thought that it would be a bipartisan decision because you look at all of the people on the Democratic side, not only the Republican side, that were saying such awful things about Director Comey".

The appointment puts Mueller at the head of the probe into Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

"SABOTAGE", read the subject line of emails sent out by President Donald Trump's re-election campaign and the Republican Party, which pointed to "people within our own unelected bureaucracy that want to sabotage President Trump and our entire America First movement".

Asked whether he urged Comey to ease up on the Flynn investigation, Trump said at a news conference, "No, no", before ordering the media to move on to the "next question". As Democrats talk about possible obstruction of justice and dream of removing Trump from office, the president and his allies reject that he bears responsibility for his woes.

"I hope you can let this go", Mr Trump told Mr Comey the day after Mr Flynn resigned, according to the memo.

The day after the Department of Justice appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to the congressional investigations into Democrats' claims of Russian interference in United States elections, Trump said he respected the decision, but added: "I think that divides the country". The story was first reported by the New York Times. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, tweeted he has his "subpoena pen ready". Intent is a key element in building an obstruction case.

Without directly confirming the details of their conversation, Lavrov said he didn't understand what the "secret" was since the US introduced a ban on laptops on airlines from some Middle Eastern countries two months ago.

The president's anger contrasted with a more measured written statement released by the White House on Wednesday evening, when he declared that a thorough investigation would find "no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity".

Trump also was questioned Thursday over revelations that he had shared secrets with the Russians.

The fact that sensitive intelligence provided by a US partner has been transferred to Russian Federation without that partner's permission, and that intelligence sources and methods may have been compromised, will make other partners very reluctant to share intelligence with the the future.

The disclosure jeopardized an important intelligence-sharing arrangement and hindered the ability to detect future threats. The Wall Street Journal explained that it also uncovered the information but chose not to publish it because, "Trump administration officials said disclosing it could damage the two countries' intelligence relationship and jeopardize operations".

Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is still looking for a new director.