Tom Brady concussion story prompts questions

Tom Brady concussion story prompts questions

Gisele Bundchen's remarks Wednesday on "CBS This Morning" that her husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, suffered a concussion in 2016 and that he's had others have sparked a conversation on a hot-button topic with multiple layers.

An NFL Players Association spokesman deferred to a statement earlier Wednesday by executive director DeMaurice Smith, who told CSN Mid-Atlantic the union would "proceed with our process as we normally would for any player" and pointed out steps the NFLPA has taken in recent years to be proactive on player health and safety, especially concussions. "I mean, we don't talk about it. but he does have concussions", Bundchen said.

Tom Brady played through a concussion a year ago on his way to a fifth Super Bowl title, according to his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

The Patriots' injury reports from 2016 and prior have since been analyzed, and Brady never has been listed with a concussion in his 17 years with the team. Though he's suggested in the past that he'd play to 45, the other 31 football teams in the NFL not named The Patriots would be ecstatic if Brady made a decision to hang up his helmet - and now his wife is joining in on that wish.

"I don't really think it's a healthy thing for your body to go through. that kind of aggression all the time".

So, from a big-picture standpoint, it's possible that several teams around the National Football League have players who have suffered unreported concussions because the player didn't report it to the medical staff himself.

The NFL requires "significant or noteworthy" injuries to be reported, regardless of whether a player is expected to miss playing time, and says honest reporting of injuries "affects the integrity of the game". The league has worked to improve its concussion protocol since lots of former players sued the league for doing nothing about concussions. "If I get there and I still feel like I do today, I don't see why I wouldn't want to continue".

"But it is a great opportunity to educate people that it's very unsafe to play through a concussion".

By winning his fifth NFL title at the age of 39 - leading the biggest Super Bowl comeback in history - Brady has already defied age and cemented himself among the league's all-time greats. You know, that kind of aggression all the time, that can not be healthy for you.