Tim Cook is testing an Apple Watch prototype to fight diabetes

Tim Cook is testing an Apple Watch prototype to fight diabetes

The device aligns with Apple's move into the health market in which it has placed its Watch Series. So if there's anyone who would serve as a high-profile guinea pig for a breakthrough new feature for the device, Cook's a top candidate.

The source on the Apple campus told CNBC that Cook is indeed wearing a device and confirmed that it was an Apple prototype.

Consequently, the Cupertino Company is all set to release some smart bands that could connect to the Apple Watch to monitor blood sugar levels in real time and thereby help its wearer to experience diabetes treatment in a non-invasive style.

This is far from the first time we've heard about the potential for a glucose-monitoring Watch feature. Based on this, it sounds like the team has yet to figure out a way to get it inside the Apple Watch as it seems like at the moment it still exists as a separate device. Wearables have typically been used to monitor general fitness, but a glucose monitoring system would be beneficial for all users, especially diabetics. Today, those people are forced to track their glucose through a variety of more invasive means, like pricking their fingers for blood tests.

Cook has previously been open about wearing a glucose monitoring device, but it hasn't been clear whether this was an Apple device, or the device of another manufacturer.

The rumor comes after CNBC last month reported that Apple had hired a "small team of biomedical engineers" who are working out of an office in Palo Alto, develop a "holy grail for treating diabetes".

There's no doubt that Apple is focused on bringing health tech to the masses via the Watch - Cook said as much in February. Speaking to CNBC last month, biomedical expert John L. Smith said developing such a device has been "the most hard technical challenge I have encountered in my career".

The Watch now tracks the wearer's heart rate and movement, but it is no secret that Apple wants to take larger steps into the medical technology industry.