Indian woman tells IHC she was forced to marry Pak man

Indian woman tells IHC she was forced to marry Pak man

Uzma Ahmed, the Indian lady who came to Pakistan and was allegedly forced to marry Buner resident Tahir Ali on gunpoint, on Friday submitted para-wise comments in the IHC over a petition filed by her husband.

Uzma alleged that she was given sleeping pills and Tahir allegedly assaulted her after he received her from the Wagha. Barrister Shahnawaz submitted the reply on behalf of Uzma.

On May 9, the Pakistani foreign office said Uzma would only be sent back once all legal requirements in the case are completed.

"At the Indian embassy window, she asked about Adnan".

An Indian woman has rejected claims made by her Pakistani husband as a "muddle" and "bundle of lies, as she told the Islamabad High Court that she never agreed to transform her acquaintanceship with the man into marriage".

It emerged later that she had sought refuge in the Indian High Commission and later requested to be repatriated back to India. A while later, a man came out and took her inside through gate number six.

Following this, Uzma remarked that she was forced to marry Pakistan citizen Tahir Ali at gunpoint.

She alleged that Uzma was allegedly threatened to be killed, harassed and badly humiliated by Tahir and forced to sign the Nikah Nama.

Speaking to the media, Uzma's husband, Tahir Ali, accused his wife of lying, saying she knew he was married with four children.

"She has been in the Indian embassy since May 5".

"I have messages to prove we both were aware of each others' marital status", Ali claimed.

Ahmed, on the other hand, has urged the court to direct the authorities to issue her a duplicate immigration form so that she could return to India, grant her exemption from police reporting in Islamabad and arrange repatriation with security while travelling from Islamabad to Wagah.

In the reply it was also requested that she is allowed to travel to India as her visa will expire on May 30.