Horgan holds hope he will be BC premier

Horgan holds hope he will be BC premier

The three party leaders did not speak to supporters until after midnight. Clark said she is confident that when absentee ballots are counted, they will strengthen the Liberals' margin of victory. "And we have also won the most seats".

If she's not able to get this support, her government will lose confidence.

The Liberal leader also injected a note of humility on the drop in Liberal seats.

And, Harrison added, the current government has not released the details of the agreement with Kinder Morgan so we don't know what financial penalties might be written into it in the event a government attempt to withdraw.

British Columbia faces a two-week period of uncertainty until the final results are in from its tight election race, when it will become clearer whether the province has a minority or majority government. "What do we want to leave for our kids that is better than we found it". "We'll get decisions but they will take longer, they will often be more complicated because there will be layered issues in those compromises".

As we wait for absentee ballots to be counted, the big question today is whether leaders of the NDP and Greens could form a coalition.

In a news conference, Clark confirmed that British Columbia Lt. -Gov. "Now is not the time for those discussions, now is the time for Greens across North America to celebrate", he told a cheering crowd. "Now is the time for all Greens across the country to celebrate".

"Christy Clark as the sitting premier will have the first crack at forming a government".

"Small parties like the Greens are forever disadvantaged by a first-past-the post system".

However a minority scenario would likely mean negotiations between Green leader Andrew Weaver and both the NDP and Liberals.

The legislative minority means the tiny Green party will hold the balance of power as Premier Christy Clark tries to push forward with pipeline expansion plans and a promise to apply a levy to thermal coal exports to the U.S. in retaliation for United States duties on softwood lumber.

The loss of its majority is a big blow for the Liberals, which had campaigned on a track record of strong economic growth and balanced budgets, but had been hobbled by voter anger over unaffordable real estate and environmental concerns.

Bonus: is a Green vote really a wasted vote?

Another area cited by Stevenson is electoral finance reform.

"Whatever happens, happens. I'm looking forward to seeing what the results are", he said.

In a breakthrough for Andrew Weaver's Greens, the party won three seats, all on Vancouver Island.

Call it B.C.'s orange crush.

Poll workers had to intervene when a man approached Clark yelling insults.

"It may depend on which of Horgan or Clark is willing to offer the Greens more in terms of policy concessions".

"I think there's two major issues that are very important to both parties and these are obvious ones and they're no-cost items, as well", he said.

Weaver, speaking to supporters Tuesday night, said the Greens could work with either party but he did not indicate a preference. "John Horgan has already signalled the basis of the deal".

"Elections don't go wrong; elections go as they go".

Weaver's pitch features a disavowal of politics as usual. "If they think voters voted for "change" and "not Christy Clark" they might want to support the NDP and not anger voters".

Bill Tieleman is a former NDP strategist. The Liberals shot back by highlighting donations the New Democrats received from the United Steelworkers. Clark asked Trudeau to ban thermal coal exports through her province in retaliation for USA duties on softwood lumber.