Google opens up digital assistant to iPhone

Google opens up digital assistant to iPhone

The company also plans to integrate its new Google Lens technology with the Assistant. Google's claim is that it will enable real-world mapping without the need for previously installed sensors, as is the case for VR solutions such as HTC's Vive headset.

It will also be available in more languages soon, such as Brazilian Portuguese, French, German and Japanese, and by the end of the year the Assistant will support Italian, Korean and Spanish.

We were told O focuses on two major themes - a fluid experience and vitals. There's more and more content available from more and more sources, and so it gets more and more complex for users to actually find all the right content.

It is due to be added to the company's smart virtual helper, Google Assistant, before being rolled out.

It also seems that Google Chrome's "autofill" feature will be ported to Android O. The tool can be employed to remember names, email, and addresses and automatically fill-in the blanks when it detects a registration screen. The user can long-tap on a Notification Dot and it will preview the notification, and one can swipe to dismiss, drag down to see the full notification or tap to open the app.

Android One struggled to gain traction as users shunned its first generation devices in favour of well-specced and favourably priced devices running Android from their preferred device makers.

There are more Android users in India than in the United States and a lot of them are from tier-2 and tier-3 towns, who operate in their regional languages. But Samat said the changes coming with Android Go will convince the hardware partners to change course.

But with apps, you sometimes only want the app to perform one function or get a specific piece of information, but you are forced to wait while it downloads and installs.

It is possible that with Android Go, Google hopes to bring phones to the market that will offer good experience even for phones that costs less than Rs 5,000. As far as security is concerned, Android O includes Google Play Protect, a service that scans for harmful apps and removes them automatically from your device.

At the Google I/O 2017 developers conference, the tech giant presented a slimmed down version of Android OS called as Android Go.

It also revealed that there are now over 2 billion active Android devices worldwide, a figure that puts it well ahead of Windows (1.5 billion, including Windows 10), iOS (1 billion), and Windows 10 (500 million).

This is a new configuration of Android - an initiative for entry-level Android devices.

Hold on to your butts, folks, because Android O is getting some new feature.

Developers cheered when talk turned to Google-backed mobile operating system Android. Apps will load faster, background processes will be shut down to prevent unnecessary resource hogging and any unnecessary stuff will be shut down and certain new features will reduce the number of steps to execute a task-all this will be part of the performance.

Android Go will highlight apps that do not require large amounts of memory, as well as allowing for offline YouTube downloads and data-free previews of YouTube content. Realistically, even the cheapest Android phones now sold in Australia tend to break that 1GB barrier, so don't expect to see too many purely Android Go devices down under. The first Go-powered devices are expected to start shipping from 2018 onwards.