5-foot python found stuffed in hotel room drawer

5-foot python found stuffed in hotel room drawer

Cleaners at a hotel in MA found a very unusual item in a drawer after a guest checked out.

In an unpleasant surprise, staff at Marriott Residence Inn opened a hotel room drawer to find a Bible sharing the space with a snake, news reports say.

The young Golden Child Reticulated Python was brought to Central Mass Aquatics, where it bit an employee before settling down. At first the snake was nervous - and nipped at one person - but has calmed down since then.

It's believed that the last tenant left the snake behind.

He said that the snake's coloring - a cream background with yellow brands - is the result of breeding and likely means that the snake was more expensive.

The thought is that the previous guest left the snake in the room after checking out the night before. It's unlikely anyone will be charged.

They can fetch up to $2,000 each but as the snake is illegal without a permit in Massachusetts, Wilson made a decision to "give it a good home" at the New England Reptile Distributors in New Hampshire, where it can be kept properly.

Dzivasen said his shop is always willing to take unwanted snakes, and hopes a similar incident doesn't happen again. It feeds on mice and small prey and is usually docile, he added.