Russia, Turkey keep lines open on Syria amid competing goals

Russia, Turkey keep lines open on Syria amid competing goals

The White Helmets rescue group published photos of the aftermath of the attacks, showing an apocalyptic scene with bodies and parts of flesh strewn on a street among the rubble of surrounding buildings. "Only the people who're trying to cover themselves up with the actions of others, who are engaging in the notorious social and political engineering in the Middle East, who have brought so many woes to Libya and Iraq can do this".

This teenage boy has described the attack.

"We want to see a cessation of hostilities". I found my mother was dead and only one of my sisters was alive.

He is anxious about two people he knows well who have been arrested. "And then the second bomb fell". Forty-five of them died.

However, both rebels and civilians have until this week largely refused the offers - with many fearing they would be arrested.

Wissam Zarqa, a teacher and rebel activist, also sent WhatsApp recordings to journalists saying that while the opposition has managed to accommodate hundreds of fleeing families, tripling the occupancy of some buildings, the fate of many of those who crossed into government-held areas or stayed put as the Syrian army retook their neighbourhoods is unknown.

Eastern Aleppo has been a stronghold for rebel forces in the region for years.

On a visit to Paris, a local council leader east Aleppo called yesterday for safe passage for desperate civilians, warning the United Nations would be "signing the death warrant of 250,000 people" if it failed to act.

Expressing frustration at the U.N. Security Council's inability to stop the bombardment of the besieged Syrian City of Aleppo, a coalition of over 200 human rights groups is calling for the General Assembly to hold an emergency special session to demand an end to the attacks.

In early September they reinstated a siege of the east, trapping the 275,000 people living there, and launched an all-out assault later that month. We are in possession of valid evidence and documents proving the crimes perpetrated by the regime.

He added that men aged under 40 were in particular being targeted.

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on the humanitarian crisis in NY yesterday.

Worldwide calls are growing louder for a political solution to end the war - something that has evaded the UN Security Council for years, with Russian Federation using its veto power as one of five permanent members to block several resolutions.

The British ambassador to the United Nations, Matthew Rycroft, has addressed the Security Council.

He called on Russia, Syria and Iran, which supports Assad's regime, to "change their policy". And executing is an all-too-appropriate word, because, without a change in policy, without a change of heart, that's exactly what this is: "the slow, painful, bitter execution of a million Syrians, cut off from aid convoys, cut off from the world".

Russia's ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said Tuesday that Russian Federation had not bombed Aleppo since October 18.