Jurors to get testimony transcripts

Jurors to get testimony transcripts

Attorney Andy Savage with former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager on November 29, in Charleston, South Carolina.

The cellphone video taken by Feidin Santana, a barber walking to work past the lot, shows Slager shooting eight times from a number of yards away as Scott ran.

Jurors, who viewed the video multiple times and heard testimony from dozens of witnesses during the trial in state court in Charleston over the past month, began deliberating Wednesday evening. It carries a maximum sentence of 30 years imprisonment.

Wilson urged jurors to ignore defense attempts to distract them from what they can see with their own eyes on the video.

"You've seen lots of smoke and you have seen lots of mirrors" she said after the defense made its closing arguments. Slager had pulled Scott over for a broken third tailli.

"That is not the sign of a violent, throw-down, life-threatening fight", she said.

She accused Slager of inventing a story about fighting for his life, and said his fellow officers at the scene "bought everything he said that day hook, line and sinker".

"Our whole criminal justice system rides on the back of law enforcement".

Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager testifies in his murder trial at the Charleston County court in Charleston, S.C., Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016.

Peper said he would not be shocked if the jury returned to the judge saying its members could not agree on a verdict, which would cause a mistrial.

He said the jurors had asked for the transcripts and the attorneys had no objections.

The prosecutor says that even if Scott provoked Slager by resisting arrest, that doesn't give someone the right to do whatever they want in response.

While on the stand, Slager testified that Scott, 50, fled the traffic stop and attempted to wrestle away is Taser during a scuffle.

Jurors moving into a second day of deliberations are reviewing transcripts of the testimony that former patrolman Michael Slager gave this week during his murder trial in SC. Slager replied that at the time of the shooting he would have said the weapon was not on the ground, but that looking at the video can see that it was.

Closing arguments in the case lasted for more than three hours, and the day began with jurors visiting the scene of the shooting.

The jury in the Michael Slager murder trial is going home for the night.

"That badge is supposed to be a shield, not a sword", she said.

The judge has told the jurors they can consider a lesser charge of voluntary homicide, the taking of another life in the heat of passion.

Jurors in the Michael Slager trial couldn't reach a verdict by the end of the first full day of deliberations, but did have several questions for the judge as they weighed the ex-officer's fate.

Scott was shot fleeing a traffic stop in North Charleston on April 4, 2015. The shooting was captured on dramatic cellphone video that stunned the nation. In Slager's case - because the prosecution is alleging no aggravating circumstances that could bring a death sentence - murder carries a penalty of 30 years to life.

Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of another without malice, punishable by two to 30 years in prison.

ALEXANDRA OLGIN, BYLINE: In its closing argument, the defense painted a picture of a well-respected North Charleston officer who responded to what he perceived as a unsafe threat while doing his job.

The jury in the trial of a white former SC patrolman charged with murder in the death of a black motorist is visiting the scene of the shooting.