J. Cole Hints at Release Date of New Album

J. Cole Hints at Release Date of New Album

An iTunes preorder listing for a new J. As it turns out, he's been putting in work, as the release of Eyez also comes with the announcement of his new album 4 Your Eyez Only that will be released December 9.

The North Carolina hip-hop artist last released an album, "2014 Forest Hills Drive", in December 2014. Cole at a music festival or bumped one of his feature verses-you can count all from 2016 on one hand-you probably thought the guy went ghost this year. His last album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, came out two years ago but the project still bumps like it was just released last week.

In 2007 Cole and his college friends-turned-business partners conjured up Dreamville.

"Before I get out of here, listen", Cole said at the time. Much like that album, it was released without any fanfare or promotion. There is album art, however, which suggests that 4 Your Eyez Only is a real thing and not just some weird glitch.

Now, it seems as though Cole is no longer under those same stipulations. Cole has released an HBO special, a live album and his Revenge of the Dreamers II mixtape. Finally if this project were to drop in just over a week on December 9, that would come on the 2 year anniversary of the release of Forrest Hills Drive, which is a storyline nearly too good to be true. The tour generated multiple sellouts, including the 18,000-capacity Madison Square Garden, and grossed over $16 million from July to September, according to Billboard. So it will be interesting to see if Cole's next album has any features.

Reps for J. Cole or Roc Nation have yet to comment on this possibly album release.