IHeartRadio Launches On-Demand Streaming Apps To Compete With Spotify

IHeartRadio Launches On-Demand Streaming Apps To Compete With Spotify

Announced back in September, iHeartRadio's premium on-demand music service comes in not one, but two forms: iHeartRadio Plus and the Napster-powered iHeartRadio All Access. iHeartRadio has always been unique among app-based music services in that its content is based upon live radio, with licensed music collections as a backup.

The two tiers are available for beta access starting today for iOS and Android, with both planning a full-fledged public release in January 2017 for both mobile and desktop. If you have the All Access package the two services are linked, so if you save a track you like while listening to live radio it is automatically added to your Napster library.

"Your Napster Mix", a personalized playlist featuring a collection of newly-released tracks based on a listener's favorite artists.

A features chart is below.

Indeed, at least during this beta period, you can only save or replay songs you hear on the 850 or so iHeartMedia-owned broadcast stations across 150 US markets, as well as custom stations seeded around an artist or genre. iHeart hopes to open the feature up next year to at least some of the thousands of non-iHeart owned radio stations that are also available through the iHeartRadio app.

In an interview with Billboard the day iHeartRadio first announced its entry into streaming, president Darren Davis pointed out that "on-demand music is the entire business for Spotify, for the other competitors in that space". Napster runs its own subscription service but offers white-label services to companies that want to add on-demand streaming.

In addition to the Plus tier, there's the $10 per month iHeartRadio All Access. This tier also brings a wider selection of music, thanks to Napster. Our free iHeartRadio service that's enjoyed by more than 90 million registered users will still be free with all the same features you have come to love. For a start, you're listening to live radio via the iHeartRadio app, which the company says has over 1 billion downloads, piped through your car's stereo or straight from the app. From there, users can replay songs.

The lifeblood of iHeart is still radio, now pumped with options for the digital age. "It's impossible. They don't have the live radio".

IHeartRadio, iHeartMedia's digital radio platform, is the fastest growing digital audio service in the US and offers users thousands of live radio stations, personalized custom artist stations created by just one song or seed artist and the top podcasts and personalities.