Google Introduces Its Soothing Featured Photos Screensaver To Mac

Google Introduces Its Soothing Featured Photos Screensaver To Mac

The same slick screensaver that brightens up unused screens with popular Google+ photos on the Pixel, Chromecast and Google Fiber devices is now available to keep your Mac occupied as well. It pulls directly from some of Google's highest-rated photos.

Recently Google released the Wallpapers app for Android that made its debut exclusively on the Google Pixel smartphone. I would highly recommend giving it a shot if you are into photography. Images also can not feature people, for privacy reasons, text or watermarks. Mac users will also be able to enjoy these photos and use them for their desktops or laptops through a desktop app, although you will only be able to use them as screen savers.

As Engadget notes, you effectively get a mini art gallery in your office or home. Here, you can only get images from a curated set of photos taken by Google+ members. If you think your photos are good enough to be highlighted in Featured Photos, you just need to share them publicly on Google+.

If you are a Google+ user and love sharing photographs, then there is a chance your photograph might end up being featured on a Google product as well.

Installing the free screensaver is simple. Photos are selected based on set criteria, so there are no pictures featuring people, text, or watermarks, and all photos are landscape orientation with a minimum 1080p resolution. Be sure to also allow for automatic updates. This new addition will not only help Google gain a stronger presence in the world for iOs, but also help boost content that belongs to its platform.