Fat to Fit: Aamir Khan's transformation for Dangal will shock you!

Fat to Fit: Aamir Khan's transformation for Dangal will shock you!

We heard that the actor went from weighing 96 kgs and is now 68 kgs with six-pack abs. Aamir is just not allowed to light a cigarette whenever Azad is around. Khan plays Phogat over a lengthy period. According to a leading daily, a source close to Amir said "Before every release, Aamir gets very nervous and starts smoking".

Now, Aamir's statement has left many in disappointment who were rooting to see two superstars together on small screen.

But the drastic change in weight to portray the character of wrestler Mahavir Singh anxious his wife and mother as losing extreme weight is a short period of time takes a toll on one's health. I lost nearly 30 kgs and got my body fat down to a remarkable 9.6 percent. However, it was followed by the exhausting phase of weight loss where he had to cut down to 9 pecent body weight.

However, he said that his doctor suggested not to try such drastic weight and body transformation in future. "When you put on weight, it affects your breathing, your body language". That naturally reflects on your performance. "You can exercise as much as you want but if the diet is not right then you'll never get the desired results". "But I said, lets begin the other way round". If I like it, I will do it.

The Nitesh Tiwari directed sports drama film is set to release on December 23. For the Ketan Mehta movie, in which he plays the soldier who was among the torchbearers of the 1957 Mutiny, Khan grew out his hair and sported a luxuriant moustache. Its story is based on how a father struggles hard to fight against the society and taught her daughter to be a wrestler and make best of her.