Colin Kaepernick clarifies remarks on Fidel Castro

Colin Kaepernick clarifies remarks on Fidel Castro

12-4 at Chicago 10 a.m. Opening kick-off is scheduled for Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. ET and it will be broadcast live on CBS Sports. GM Trent Baalke and Kelly claimed they were both on the same page from Day 1, but any evidence of that is nearly invisible.

Last Sunday's game, it was the 10th consecutive defeat for the San Francisco 49ers, the worst record in its history. "I also agree with the investment in free universal health care as well as the involvement in helping end apartheid in South Africa", Kaepernick said. Nevertheless, this unit stepped up when it mattered most and kept Kaepernick and the Niners out of the end zone on the final play of the game in what was a very dramatic finish.

Said Ajayi, "Just got to go out there and get what you can get".

"It's on me", Kubiak said, explaining he made the move because he had confidence in his kicker. "It's not the cleanest or best way to get it done, but we got it done".

Kaepernick threw for 296 yards and three touchdowns.

Alonso, his dad and I were standing outside the Dolphins locker room talking about this.

Dolphins fans loudly booed Kaepernick as he and the 49ers offense ran onto the field for their first drive. Yes, I do not want you guys to feel like I do not.

NOTES: The 49ers arrived in Orlando on Sunday night and will stay there before traveling to Chicago before Sunday's game against the Bears. Had Kaepernick scored on his scramble, and the 49ers converted the extra point, the game would have gone to overtime. Moreover, when Salguero accused Kaepernick of dodging the Castro question, the 49ers quarterback preached about Cuba's high literacy rate and superior education investment.

That's a pretty low bar, but hey: one of these days, they might actually win! Kaepernick had the ball in his hands but was stopped short of the goal line. He did score the Dolphins first touchdown on a two-yard run.

"I can understand the concern", Kaepernick said, per

The Dolphins' margin of error remains razor thin.

"They all hurt", receiver Jeremy Kerley said.

Kaepernick also equated how Cuba has broken up families to what he views as the United States' "mass incarceration" of African-Americans.

"It looked for a second he could get it, but that stuff closes fast down there", Smith said. "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time".

Team owner Denise DeBartolo York was in attendance to witness the franchise's longest losing streak ever.

"We find a way to win", Tannehill said. "We've been in every game, for the most part".