Turkish forces in Iraq with govt consent

Turkish forces in Iraq with govt consent

The operation to retake Mosul is expected to be the most complex yet for Iraq's army and comes as the US-led coalition increases air strikes against militants in and around the city.

"There is a strong solidarity between peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army", he said.

Ahead of the final assault, American and allied planes are pounding the city in a bid to weaken militants. We have come to liberate Mosul.

"We are determined to take our place among the coalition forces in Iraq for Iraq´s unity".

The liberation of Mosul would be a severe blow to Daesh, which has named the city as its so-called headquarters since capturing it in 2014.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, but the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group frequently carries out suicide bombings targeting Shias, whom it considers heretics.

"Erdogan is trying to make sure that he has a say in the future of the affairs in Mosul as well as Iraq", said Erdemir.

"Even you are not in my quality, my level", he asserted, adding, "The Turkish military will enter Mosul". U.S. Army armored vehicles will also participate in the operation.

The claim conflicts with earlier USA press reports on repeated complaints and expressions of concern by Washington officials about outstanding role of Iranian military advisers in training and guiding Iraqi army and diverse volunteer militia forces. He also said Turkish-backed rebels in neighboring Syria were advancing on the Islamic State-held village of Dabiq in the country's northwest.

"If you, after removing Daesh, attempt to change Mosul's demographic structure, you will light the fire of a very big civil war, of a sectarian war".

"This is all Kurdistan, " said Major Shiban Saleh, one of the fighters onboard. They were nearly going to come to Baghdad.

"I announce that all preparations to retake Mosul have been completed".

Iraqi forces have been massing around the city in recent days.

"The forces that lead the liberation operation are the fearless Iraqi army with the police forces", Abadi said.

According to the United Nations, the city still has a population of one million.

The leaflets said the offensive to retake the city was imminent and airstrikes "will not target civilians".

The sergeant said his unit traveled in a convoy from Tikrit to the front near the district of Khazer, on the edges of the Nineveh plain about 30 kilometers (18 miles) from Mosul. "We are providing safe water in camps and host communities, and enabling people to earn a living so that they can support their families". Medicine is in short supply in Mosul, and food prices have risen sharply.