Police boss issues warning to people taking part in 'killer clown' craze

Police boss issues warning to people taking part in 'killer clown' craze

"We appreciate that the majority of the public understand the impact and harm that this is causing, particularly to children".

It's nearly Halloween and in a freaky turn of events, there is a so called "great clown panic" sweeping across the U.S. and Europe.

"I think this is an issue with young teenagers or those that really have nothing else to do", she said.

The person dressed as a clown was spotted by a group of friends, who photographed it on their phones and sent the picture to the Herald, to warn others who maybe in the area or walking their dogs - especially now the nights are drawing in.

One of the "most dramatic" incidents occurred last week, when a masked man carrying a knife chased a group of schoolchildren in County Durham, The Guardian reports.

He brandished a beer bottle at the apparent prankster, seen wearing orange dungarees and make-up which mimicked Batman's "Joker" character, who then ran off.

Police said the actions of those dressed as clowns could frighten others and their behaviour could lead to them being arrested for a public order offence.

The alarming trend has prompted an appeal for the public to "act responsibly" following a number of reports around the county of people dressing up as clowns and intimidating others.

A campaign group has been set up after nearly 60 clown sightings were reported throughout the county in recent days.

People on social media have reported sightings of clowns in numerous parts of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Incidents have also been reported in London, Manchester, Suffolk, North Yorkshire, Norwich and Sheffield.

Gloucestershire Police said it had received six reports of "clowns" behaving suspiciously or carrying knives.

Across Dyfed-Powys, however, officers received around 30 reports of clown-related incidents over the weekend, with police warning that although their outfits may not be committing an offence, their behaviour could be.

Thames Valley Police stressed to date nobody had been reported injured due to these incidents, which took place in Bracknell, Milton Keynes, Abingdon and Chesham.

People dressed as clowns were involved in a spate of incidents across the United Kingdom prompting police forces to issue warnings about the so-called "clown craze" trend.

At least six clown-related incidents have been reported in Newcastle since September 30, leaving parents and teachers very anxious, according to Northumbria Police.