Pence visits firebombed office, defends 'rigged' claims

Pence visits firebombed office, defends 'rigged' claims

He was a House member for 12 years. But her team believes that a wide presidential margin of victory would help end Trump's political movement and undermine his intensifying allegations that the election is rigged.

Hillsborough Police has released the 911 call that reported the firebombing of the Orange County Republican Party headquarters.

Pence did not mention the controversies that have dogged Trump in recent weeks but instead focused on the differences between the two candidates, making reference to the fact that the victor of the November 8 election could control as many as three Supreme Court nominations in the coming term.

Pence went on to talk about what he calls the "overwhelming bias of national media in this election".

But reporters noted that Trump has made frequent, though unsubstantiated, claims that there will be widespread voter fraud. He praised Trump supporters for their "courage" and "resilience" and added, "We will not be intimidated".

Pence did not directly answer when asked whether the Trump campaign wants more than the longstanding tradition of having poll watchers from the Democratic and Republican parties at every precinct.

Officials say someone threw a bottle filled with flammable liquid through the window of the Hillsborough Republican Headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina, Sunday morning.

The violent act in the key battleground state has been condemned by public figures across the political spectrum.

"I'm appreciative of our law enforcement expertise and cooperation across agencies to uncover who is behind this reprehensible act", Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens said. "Especially given the national attention we are receiving, I'm extremely appreciative for everybody who is using this as an opportunity to pull our community together, rather than promote division". Democrats rallied behind Republicans raising funds for the office that was attacked. The Secret Service also is supporting the investigation, police said.

North Carolina is a must-win state for the Trump, with the NY billionaire having no realistic path to the required 270 electoral votes if he doesn't win here. Police are still investigating. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton tweeted a message, calling the incident "horrific and unacceptable".

In Hillsborough, N.C., on Monday, investigators combed through shards of glass, looking for evidence of who torched a local Republican Party office overnight by throwing a flammable device through the window.

The caller theorized that the incident must have occurred in the early hours due to no one being in the area and the presence of outdoor cats the caller cares for at that time of the 911 call. Local Republicans resumed operations Monday outside their damaged office.