'Game of Thrones saved me from prostitution,' reveals actress Josephine Gillan

'Game of Thrones saved me from prostitution,' reveals actress Josephine Gillan

Game of Thrones isnt exactly a series that has been known for its happy endings, but it’s nice to know that in Josephine Gillans case, a much sunnier outlook is exactly what she earned.

When she was older, Josephine began starring in pornography and working as a prostitute.

"Game of Thrones saved me from a life of prostitution, and has made me a much stronger person", she said.

It was during this time that she saw a casting notice for the show. Like everyone else, Gillan was aware of the popular series based on the books by author George R.R. Martin.

She first applied for her part because it required women "who didn't mind being filmed naked" and she soon landed the role of Marei.

"They wrote back that they wanted me and I was thrilled because it was a wonderful opportunity to do some proper acting".

“So I was immediately sent in a picture”.

She has gone on to become one of the longest surviving characters in a series, which routinely slaughters them by the dozen.

And when Josephine says it changed her life, she's not just talking.

However, not everyone is delighted to hear about the 27-year-old's past.

After a chaotic childhood destroyed by sexual abuse, drugs and alcohol, she attended 24 different primary schools and was taken into care aged 12.

In addition, her appearances on Game of Thrones have helped her to land roles in two other independent movies. 'People ask me all the time if we are at it for real and I reply, "Are dragons or zombies real?".

'I think they suffer from performance anxiety, because they are nearly naked and there are usually about 30 crew members on set'.

"Watch the entertainment and enjoy".

See Marei back in King's Landing in the latest episode of Game Of Thrones on Sky Atlantic, Monday, at 2am and 9pm.