Microsoft announces next wave of Edge extensions

Microsoft announces next wave of Edge extensions

Microsoft is holding its annual BUILD developer conference this week, and ZDNet notes that a roadmap for upcoming Edge developments includes "build ad blocking features into the browser".

Microsoft is dousing water on reports that it intends to build a native ad blocker into its Edge browser.

After Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft also understands the importance of building in an ad blocker in its Microsoft Edge Browser.

Microsoft says it isn't going to block ads natively in the next version of the Edge browser.

Microsoft also hasn't revealed how it will block adverts and whether it will draw upon a whitelist-like approach, or simply block every ad it finds on a page.

Google Chrome browsers have JavaScript extensions, a feature that most users want.

Bott says these are all features that Microsoft plans to ship in the Windows 10 Anniversary update that is due to arrive this June. This was a big move on Apple's part, and the company is supposedly suggesting to sites that they build their own apps with advertisements displayed inside. As for another top browser, PCWorld reported that Opera announced ad-blocking in its browser in a developer preview.

As of last December, all versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer combined accounted for about 15 percent of browsers used across the globe.

While adblocking was for many years primarily, only of benefit mainly to the tech heads of the world, in recent times, it has become much more popular among users. Number one was extensions, according to TechRadar, while ad-blocking was number four.

Despite the popularity of ad blocking software, however, Internet firms such as Opera have stated that a native ad-blocking feature is still more effective than plugins.

This will no doubt come as good news for those who have fallen in love with Edge, but it's not something that will be welcomed by the likes of AdBlock Plus. You'll just have to install an ad blocker extension yourself.