NBA Rumor: Could LeBron join the Knicks?

NBA Rumor: Could LeBron join the Knicks?

A scenario could be in play that would enable the Cavaliers to land Wade in free agency while trading for Carmelo Anthony, who isn't too happy with the direction of the New York Knicks.

James told Bleacher Report's Howard Beck about his little dream, and even said he'd take a pay cut to make it happen.

While this is probably yet another example of James having fun, imagine how you would feel if you were Kyrie Irving and the leader of your team had stated a preference to play with a guard from another team.

LeBron James has been in the news for several weeks because of cryptic tweets, odd moves and other questionable comments.

"The only thing that I care about with Melo is when I'm watching the games that he's playing, that he's playing with a smile on his face", James said.

LeBron James is unsure if any National Basketball Association owner would go for the idea of him teaming up with Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul due to how much power would be conceded to the players. "If people want to, I think it's odd to question loyalty at this point in time, especially when you show - and I've showed time and time again my loyalty to not just the organization, but to NY and vice versa". While Melo mentioned "close to retirement" no one is really sure when retirement will be.

"I don't know. We've still got years in this league, so we'll see what happens".

James won't have a chance for an on-court reunion with Wade or Paul unless one arises in the playoffs, so sharing the floor with Anthony will have to suffice for now.

"I don't know how realistic it would be", James said after the Cavaliers' 113-104 win over the Bucks. "It would be cool if it happened". James can become a free agent this offseason, but likely will remain in Cleveland, while Anthony still is under contract for the Knicks. But that's just me. While most of the articles about James seem to make a story out of nothing, this latest report involving James is, indeed, big. "We won two games against a pretty good team and we just have to be ready for whatever they're going to come here with".

On Wednesday James was asked about the quote. But, I mean, if you got an opportunity to work with three of your best friends, (you take it), no matter what. The four of them played together on team US on multiple occasions but to form a team this formidable would be the first of it's kind, yes even better than Miami, Boston or Chicago championship teams.