Microsoft Surface Phone To Release in October - 8GB RAM, 500GB Storage

Microsoft Surface Phone To Release in October - 8GB RAM, 500GB Storage

However, take note that the Surface Hub weighs 105 pounds for the 55-inch model and 280 pounds for the 84-inch model, meaning don't assume you'll be merely mounting a massive tablet onto the wall.

But with much of the company's profits hinging on the enterprise and business customers-and we'd expect a hefty profit margin to be built into the $20,000 version of the Hub-it's not surprising that Microsoft wanted to ship the Surface Hub in time to show it off in a big way at Build.

But Surface Hub has been beset by delays.

As a very different product with a number of manufacturing concerns to overcome, the Surface Hub has been delayed a few times in making it to market.

Hall further explains. "We are not just releasing a powerful device". We are releasing a team-empowering solution that will make meetings more productive, modernize workflows, and let people engage with data much better. "We couldn't be more excited about this future with this new category of product". Organizations using the device include AstraZeneca and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Our early Surface Hub business partners can tell you confidently that they work together better with Surface Hub.

Surface Hub in use in healthcare. Details on Surface Hub sales and support are listed at this page. Available in two sizes ($8,999 for a 55-inch version, and $21,999 for an 84-inch version), Microsoft's Surface Hub is created to replace the whiteboard and videoconferencing system now found in conference rooms where teams meet.

Microsoft had originally set the prices for the Windows 10-based Surface Hubs at $19,999 and $6,999, but later increased them.

"The Surface Phone is expected to be the apex business phone, and Microsoft is likely moving the Blackberry route now tapping into the niche of business users", News Independent noted.